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Maps to the Clubs

District 1

Shoot Schedule



Feb. 28                   Sunday            Winter Thaw Trophy Shoot-Apache Bowhunters

March 14               Sunday             Round Robin # 1-Central Ohio Coonhunters

March 28               Sunday            Trophy Shoot-Apache Bowhunters

April 10-11            Sat/Sunday      OSTA Fun Shoot –Coschocton Sportsman Club *Traditional Only

April 10                 Saturday         Central Ohio Coonhunters Fun Shoot

April 24-25           Sat/Sunday      Claylick Bowhunters Fun Shoot

April 25                Sunday             Round Robin # 2 –Apache Bowhunters

May 1-2               Sat/Sunday       OSTA –Apache Bowhunters * Traditional Only

May 16                Sunday             Round Robin # 3 –Central Ohio Coonhunters

May 23                Sunday             Round Robin # 4 –Apache Bowhunters

June 5-6              Sat/Sunday       OSTA –Blackhoof Zenia* Traditional Only

June 12-13          Sat/Sunday       OBA Spring Bear –Apache Bowhunters

June 19               Saturday           ODNR Free Shoot –Apache Bowhunters

June 27               Sunday              Central Ohio Coonhunters TrophyShoot

July 10 -11          Sat/Sunday       OSTA –Rushcreek *Traditional Only

July 11                Sunday             Central Ohio Coonhunters Hunters Challenge

July 25                SundayST.        Judes Benefit Shoot –Apache Bowhunters

August 7-8          Sat/Sunday       OSTA –Coschoston County Sportsman*Traditional Only

August 15           Sunday              Apache Bowhunters Trophy Shoot

Sept 4-5              Sat/Sunday       OSTA State Shoot –ClaylickBowhunters *Traditional Only

Sept 11-12          Sat/Sunday       OBA Expo and Banquet, Cherry Valley Hotel Newark

Sept 18-19          Sat/Sunday       Apache Annual Two Day

Sept 19               Sunday             District One Scheduling 4pm –Apache

Registration times for all Round Robins will be from 9 am to 2 pm, All scores must be turned in no later than 5 pm

Round Robin Shoots are open to all shooters including non-club members.

All other shoots excluding IBO, OBA and OSTA will have open registration from 9 am to 1 pm with all scores turned in no later than 4 pm

Registration/Shooting fees are established by the hosting club excluding IBO,OBA and OSTA


District One Club Maps with Contact information can be found on the reverse side.